Hunter's Torch Day Lily Garden

Quick Start Secret

Miracle-Gro makes a great product called Quick Start. Whenever you receive new daylilies it will tremendously help the roots if you use this product. Here's how we do it. First you mix one capful of Quick Start with 2 gallons of water. Then with the nametag still on your daylilies soak the roots overnight. It will not hurt if you leave them in for two days. Make sure that the whole plant isn't submerged in the water. You only want the roots below the water line. This will make your plants smile and you will notice how hearty your plants are come spring. Use this at time of transplant and again 7 days later on the plant in the ground.


Helps prevent transplant shock.
Gets tender, young plants and transplants off to a quick start.
Great for use on both flowers and vegetables.
Easy to use liquid form.
Non-burning; won't harm plants when used as directed.

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