Hunter's Torch Day Lily Garden

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D means display only

Price Cultivar name Description
D Abbey Pinkish Peach with Crimson Halo and Green Eye (non-registered)
$10 Absolute Treasure EMRe 7" Orchid Rose Self Evr Tet Fra
D Ageless Beauty ERe, 5”, Tet, Evr, Fra Cream w/ Red Eye and Border
$10 Agnes of Glasgow M, 4”, Dip, Dor Light Pink Self Dor
D Ain't I Something Semi Evergreen 7" Yellow Self Above Green Throat
$10 Alabama Jubilee M, 7”, Tet, Dor, Fra Red Orange w/ Bright Red Halo
$10 Alabama Music EV-RE-FRA Dark rose
D Alan Lane Agin  
D Alexa Kathryn EMRe 6.25" Lavender w/ Chartreuse Edge Sev Tet
$ 10 All American Tiger MRe 5.5" Burnt Orange w/ Red Eye
$10 All Fired Up ERe 6" Orange w/ Red Eye and Red Edge Evr Tet
$8 Always Afternoon 5.5" Ere-Mauve w/ Purple Eye Sev Tet Ext
$7 Always Lovely 5”, Dor, Fra TET rose mauve with deeper eye zone green throat
D American Freedom
Semi, vibrant orange peach blend with gold edge, Evergreen
D America's Most Wanted ERe 6" Golden Cream Yellow Evr Tet Ext 
D Amy Pink with Cranberry Halo and Green Eye (non-registered)
$30 Andy Candy ERe 3.75" Orange w/ Red Eye and Edge Dor Tet Fra
$8 Apple Crisp
copper red bitone with green throat, Dip, Dor
D Apple of My Eye MRe, 5”. Tet. Evr, Fra Cream w rose red ez & edge orange thr
$8 Apple Tart EM-RE 6" Red Self Dor Tet Noc
D Aragon Ere, 5, Tet, Evr, Fra Orange w/ Red Eye
D Autumn Wood M; 5.5" Peach Green Polychrome Dor Dip Ext
$8 Avis Jean MRe 8" Pink w/ Red Eye Dor Dip Ext
$8 Awakening Dream EMRe 5" TET Dor Rose Pink w/ White Watermark
$12 Awesome Blossom EMRe 5" Antique Rose w/ Raisin Plum Eye Evr Tet
$6 Awfully Flashy Dip 6.5" Lavender Pink Blend with Green Throat
$8 Baby Red Eyes EMRe 4" Rose w/ Cranberry Red Eye EV
D Ballet On Ice  
$6 Ballyhoo New M 5" Tan w/ Deep Mahogany Eye Sev Dip Fra
$ 8 Bama Bound M-RE 5" Bright Red Self Sev Tet Fra
$5 Bama Jubal EM RE SEV 6" near white pale yellow green throat DIP
$ 8 Barbara Kirby MRe, 4.5”, Evr TET light yellow with dark purple eye zone green throat
$6 Beauty to Behold M, 5.5”, Sev DIP lemon self green throat
$12 Bela Lugosi M, 6”, Sev TET deep purple self green throat
D Bella Sera
mauve purple with silver lavender edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Belle Cook M, 6”, Sev Pink Self Sev Tet
D Bennett  
$12 Betty Ford EERe – 5.5”, Sev TET red with red warm yellow to green throat
D Betty Sue
$10 Betty Warren Woods EM-RE 4.5" Cream Yellow Self Evr Tet Fra
$8 Big Apple EM 5" Cerise Red Self Sev Dip
$8 Big Brother EM 6.5" Yellow Self Sev Dip Ext
$10 Big Kiss M--RE 5.5" Peach w/ Rose Eye Dor Dip Fra Dbl
$8 Big Sister EM 7" Canary Self Sev Dip Fra
D Big Sur
rose self with a green throat, Semi, Fra
$25 Billy Stinnett MRe, 6”, Evr TET pink with gold yellow edge yellow throat
$18 Blueberry Sundae EMRe, 5.5”, Sev TET white,blue purple eye,braided blue purple edge
$6 Bold One M 7" Gold w' Dark Wine Purple Halo Sev Dip
$10 Bold Tiger M 4.25" Bright Orange w/ Bold Red Eye Dor Tet Fra
$15 Border Music MRe, 6”, Sev TET cream with purple eye zone purple edge green throat
D Born To Reign MRe, 6.5”, Tet, Sev, cranberry purple with rose pink watermark
D Born to Run TET 6" Red with Gold Edge Above Green Throat
$8 Breed Apart M 4.25" Orange Coral Blend Sev Tet
$8 Bubba's Sweetheart 4" Hot Pink and White with Yellow Eye (non-registered)
$10 Burning Embers
M, 5.5”, Tet, Sev Orange red bitone dark red eye zone green throat
$20 Cameron's King's Champion Huge blooms and generally 30 buds per DF, Golden Yellow with Red/Orange Edges and Eye (non-registered)
$10 Canadian Border Patrol EMRe 6" Cream w/Purple Eye and Purple Edge Sev Tet
D Candie Dwyer MRe, 5”, Tet, Sev, Fra Lavender w/ Gold Edge
$40 Candied Popcorn Perfection MRe, 5.75”, Tet, Evr, Fra creamy with heavily trimmed pleated notched ruffles
$20 Catcher in the Eye TET 5.25" Lavender Purple with Purple Eye and Picottee Edge Above Yellow Throat
$15 Celebration of Angels ERe 4.75" Cream w/ Black Purple Halo Evr Tet Fra
$8 Chance Encounter EMRe 6" Rose w/ Gold Edge Dor Tet Fra Ext
D Chang Dynasty
hot coral orange blend with yellow edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Charming Charlie EMRe 7" Rose Blend and Deeper Rose Eye Dor Dip Fra
$10 Cheddar Cheese EM, 5/5”, Tet, Dor, Fra orange gold self green throat
$10 Cherokee Pass MLa 5.5" Gold w/ Red Eye and Red Edges Dor Tet
D Cherry Burst EMRe, 4.25”, Tet, Evr, Fra pink with creamimson warm green throat
$6 Cherry Eyed Pumpkin EERe 5.75" Orange w/ Red Eye Sev Tet Ext
D Cherry Valentine ERe, 4”, Tet, Evr brt pink with creamimson red eye zone green throat
$5 Chicago Blackout
black red self with green throat, Semi, Tet
$3 Chicago Braves Mre, 5.5”, Tet, Sev deep red with a green throat, Reblooms
$20 Christmas Ribbon E 8.5" Christmas Red Spider Self Dor Tet Unf
$12 Classic Edge EMRe, 5.5”, Tet, Evr, Fra orchid pink rasp eye zone double edge
$10 Cinnamon Sunrise
MRe 6.5" Cinnamon w/ Burgundy Eye Sev Dip
$20 Cleopatra's Jewel MRe 5.5" Red w/ Gold Edge Sev Tet
D Clothed In Glory M 7" Lavender Mauve w/ Lavender Eye Evr Tet Fra
$30 Coach's Laughing Eye EMRe 6.25 Cream Flesh w'Raisin Plum Eye Edge Sev Tet
$10 Coach's Pride New MRe 6" Cream Yellow w/ Black Eye Sev Tet Ext
$22 Collective Spirit TET 6" Purple with Lighter Watermark and Gold Edge Above Green Throat
$20 Conner's Excalibur Huge blooms and generally 30 buds per DF, Golden Orange with Red Halo and Edges(non-registered)
$8 Conrad Pate EM Melon Self Dor Tet
$6 Coral Cay MRE 6" TET EVR Coral Rose Blend
$8 Country Vista EM 5.5" Pink w/ Rose Veins Dor Dip Fra Ext
$8 Courage 6" RE Burnt Orange w/ Yellow Throat w/ Brick-red Halo & Ruffled Edges; non-registered
$10 Courting Trouble Seedling TET coral pink with black purple eye zone
D Crimean Crimson TET 5.5" red self above yellow green throat
$5 Cupid's Heart
EMRe 3.75" Tangerine w/ Rede Eye, Sev, Dip, Fra
D Dark Music EMRe, 6” TET medium purple with black purple eye and edge above green throat
$30 Darla Anita EM, 7”, Evr TET lavender blend gold edge green throat
$15 David Kirchhoff MLaRe 5.5" Lavender Blend Sev Tet
$5 David Permenter EM 6" Lavendar Pink Self Dor Dip Fra
$8 Decatur Cherry Smash MRe 4" Medium Pink w/ Cherry Eye Dor Tet Ext
$10 Decatur Purple MLa 5.5" Purple w/ Darker Eye Dor Tet Fra
$15 Dempsey Foursome ERe 6" Mauve Pink w/ Purple Eye Dor Dip Fra - Display Only
D Diamond Cutter
dark, reddish purple, white shark’s teeth and a platinum gold edge, Ever, Tet
D Diamond Girl
pale pink with gold edge above yellow to green heart throat, Ever, Tet
$10 Diamonds and Pearls  EMRe, 5.5”, Sev TET cream self with gold edge green throat
$10 Diane Joiner
EMRe 7" Light Apricot w/ Light Lavender Eye Evr Tet
$10 Dixie Stampede EMRe 4.5" Golden Yellow w/ Burgundy Eye Sev Tet Ext
D Dixie Sunrise  
$ 8 Dominic EMRe 5.5" Dark Red Self Sev Tet
$20 Dragon Slayer Cream with Cranberry Halo and Edges with Yellow Eye (non-registered)
$10 Dragon's Eye  
D Dream Candy EMRe, 4.25”, Evr, Fra TET pink with ruby red eye zone & edge green throat
$10 Druid’s Chant EMRe, 6.5”, Sev, Fra TET deep lavender, deeper purple eye and purple picotee edge
$ 8 Dublin Elaine MRe 5.5" Pink Self Dor Dip Dbl
$8 Duke of Durham MLa 6" Copper w' Purple Eye Dor Dip
$15 Ed Brown EMRe, 5.5”, Sev TET pink self with gold edge green throat
$7 Elizabeth Salter TET 5.5" Pink self with green throat
$15 Elizabeth's Magic MRe 6" Purple w/ Gold Edge Sev Tet
D Eloquent Cay TET 6" Melon gold blend with green gold edge above green throat
$8 Emperor's Dragon MRe 5" Silvery Mauve w/ Raisin Plum Eye Evr Tet Ext
$14 Enchanted April MLa 5.5" Lavender Pink Self and Gold Edge Dor Tet
$7 Endearing EMRe 6.5" Pink and White Bicolor Dor Dip Fra Ext
$10 Energy of Ien Pinkish Peach with Raspberry Halo and ruffled Edges with Yellow Eye (non-registered)
$33 Euro-mazing
violet purple with dark purple eye above chartreuse throat, Semi, Tet
$10 Eye Catching EMRe 5" Cream w/ Purple Eye Edge Evr Tet Fra
$8 Eyes of Purple Seedling Seedling
$8 Eye-Yi-Yi ERe 5.5" Bronze Bitone w/ Red Eye Evr Tet
$8 Fairy Firecracker MRe 2.75" Orange/Red Blend Evr Dip
$8 Fairy Tale Pink MRe 5.5" Pink Self Sev Dip
$7 Fashion District TET 4.5" peach orange blend with rose washed eyezone and orange to green throat
D Fashion Police TET 6.25" pale yellow with mahogony red eye above yellow green throat
$5 Fiery Messenger La 5.75" Red w/ Deeper Halo Sev Dip Fra Ext
$35 Fire on the Mountain TET 6" red orange self above green throat
$10 Flamboyant Eyes New MRe 6" Flesh Pink w/ Raspberry Red Eye Dor Dip Fra
$10 Fooled Me EM 5.5" Golden Yellow w/ Red Edge & Deep Red Eye Dor Tet Ext
$40 Forest Lake Ragamuffin EMRe 5.5" TET DOR Pink Self w/ Gold Ruffle
$8 Forever Free EM-Re 5" Firecracker Red w/ Yellow Midribs Evr Dip Ext
$12 Frank Smith EERe, 5”, Evr Orange w/ Red Eye Evr Tet
D Gavin Petit Mre, 6.5”, Sev, Fra TET tangerine with black eye and edge green throat
$15 Geneva Firetruck TET 5.5" red with yellow edge above green yellow throat
$10 Gentle Shepherd EM 5" Near White Self Sev Dip
$35 Gentle Shepard TET  
D Georgia Peach Cobbler  
$15 Gift From Heaven MRe 7.5" Caramel Cream w/ Lilac Eye Edge Ever Tet
D Gilded Scarlet Gilded Scarlet EEM RE SEVM SEV Frag 5.5" red with gold edge above green throat
$7 Goblin Moon Mla, 3”, Sev TET melon with rose eye zone
$8 God is Listening MLaRe 4" Cherry Red w/ Light Cherry Red Watermark Sev Dip Noc Ext
D Gold Penny
24" EMRe 5.5" Sv Sngl Gold Blend and Bronze Watermark
$10 Good Old Boy MRe, 5.5”, Sev, yellow with black/purple eye
D Gracie MRe 5.5" Lavender w/ Lavender Halo Evr Dip Fra
D Gracious Spirit
pink polychrome with ruffled yellow gold edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Grandma's Smile TET 6" pink with yellow edge above green throat
$10 Grapes of Wrath EMRe 4" Purple Self Evr Tet
$12 Great White EMRe, 6.25”, Evr, Fra TET ivory cream self green throat
$6 Green Dragon EM 6.5" Green Self Sev Dip SpdV
$6 Green Eyed Giant ERe Light Yellow w/ Chocolate Brown Halo Sec Dip Fra
D Green Mystique TET 5.75" cream blend with green wash above green throat
$12 Groovy Green EM 5.5" Yellow Green Self Sev Dip
D Gulf Shores EMRe 7" Pale Orange Yellow w/ Lavender Pink Midribs Dor Dip
$8 Halloween Party MRE 5" DIP Dor Deep Rouge Rose and Blue Blend
$5 Has It All Seedling Seedling
$6 Hazel 6" TET Dor Fra Bright Yellow w/ Dark Purple Eye
D Heart Of Joy Cream with Hot Pink Halo and Ruffled Edges (non-registered)
$10 Hearts and Lace
28",  5", season M, Ever, Tet, Red with pale rose edge and yellow green throat. 
$12 Hearts of Fire MRe, 6.25”, Evr, Fra TET red self green throat
$15 Heat of the Moment New EMRe 6" Orange w/ Red Eye Edge Sev Tet
D Heavyweight Champ  
$10 Helen Shooter MRe 7" Light Pink Blend and Yellow Edge Dor Dip; has tons of blooms each year
$12 Hermie MRe 7" Red Bitone w/ Darker Halo Evr Dip
$15 Higher Love
pink with darker halo above green throat, Tet, Semi
$8 Highland Fuchsia M 7" Purple Self Sev Dip
$10 Highland Lord MLaRe 5" Red Self Sev Tet Dbl
$18 Hillybilly Heart EMRe 5.5" Cream Yellow w/ Red Eye And Edge Sev Tet
$18 Hollywood Lights EMRe 5" Lavender w/ Gold Edge Sev Tet
$10 Holy Grail TET 6" cream yellow blend with green throat
D Holy Guacamole  
$5 Holy Spirit EERe, 6”, Evr, Fra DIP cream self green throat
$7 Hot Ember M 6" Reddish Orange Self Evr Tet
$8 Hot Lips Houlihan Light Yellow with Raspberry Halo and Ruffled Edges (non-registered); very-big flowers
D How Beautiful Heaven Must Be TET 5.75" melon pinkblend above green throat
$ 8 Hudson Valley M 8.5" Yellow Green Self Dor Tet
$6 Hug Me Big DIP 5" rose red with lime green eyezone above green throat
$6 Hunter's Flame MLa Orange Red Polychrome Dor Dip; non-registered
$10 Hunter's Torch EMRe 6.5" Cardinal Red w/ Gold Edge Evr Tet
$10 Ice Carnival MRe 6" Near White Self Dor Dip Fra
$10 Ida's Magic EMRe 6" Amber Peach w/ Gold Edge Evr Tet
$8 In Time Seedling; non-registered
$12 Indian Giver EMRe 4.5" Purple w/ Lavender Edge and Medium Purple Watermark Sev Dip
$10 Indian Pumpkin MLa 6" Orange Blend Dor Dip
$10 Indian Sky M 5.5" Deep Rich Gold w/ Dark Purple Eye Evr Dip
$ 8 Inner Peace M 4.75" Pink Self Dor Dip Fra Ext
$12 Isle of Zanzibar E 6" Chrome Yellow w/ Purple Eye Evr Tet
$10 Islesworth
cream with purple eyezone and edge above a green throat, Ever, Tet
$12 It's a Miracle Ere, 5”, Evr TET pink self green yellow throat
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
pink with gold edge above green throat, Semi, Tet
$10 Jagged Edge M, 5.5”, Dor TET garnet red self chartreuse throat
$21 Jamaican Music EMRe, 5", Tet, peach with orange eye and pink edge
D Jane Mahan MRe, 6”, Sev TET black purple with gold edge green throat
$30 Jane Trimmer 5", TET pale lavender with black purple eye and edge above dark green throat
$8 Jay MRe 5.5" Red w/ Burgundy Midribs Dor Tet Ext
$5 Jedi Dot Pierce EMRe 6.125" Pink w/ Rose Eye Sev Dip Fra Ext
$8 Jenny Sue DIP pale peach self
D Jerry Nettles Purple blend gold edge gr thr
$10 Joan Senior EMRe 6" Near White Self Evr Dip Ext
$8 Joe Hudson RE Light pink, ruffled edges w/yellow throat (non-registered)
$8 Joe Marinello ERe 5" Cream w/ Wine Purple Eye Dor Tet Ext
$45 John Peat MRe, 6", Tet, Fra, burgundy with pink watermark and gold
D Jordan Verhart  
D JT Davis MRe, 5”, Tet, Evr, Fra Yellow with pink blend and gold ruffled edge
D Judy Farquahar  
$10 Jumping Joshua Big blooms and lots of them, RE Light orange, yellow throat, lipstick red halo; non-registered
$5 June Bug  
$8 June Tom Old heirloom daylily that can’t find anywhere anymore; deep velvet red 3" flower; one of first to bloom
$8 Jungle Mask MRe, 6”, Evr TET Cream pink with purple edged eye zone green throat
$25 Justin Paul MRe 4.5" Rose w/ Crimson Red Eye Dor Tet Fra
pale yellow self, Ever, Tet
$8 Kate Carpenter EMRe 6" Pale Pink Self Evr Tet Fra
$10 Kate Hudson Blooms M/L Light pink, red eye, yellow throat; non-registered
D Keith Miner  
D Key Lime Ice EMRe 6" Green Cream Blend w/ Gold Edge Evr Tet Fra
$10 Key To My Heart ERe 5" Crimson w/ Pale Pink Edge and White Picotee Evr Tet
$10 Killer EM RE SEV FRAG 6" Purple with black eye zone deep green throat
$15 King Of Glory EM-RE 6"-Lavender self Evr Dip Ext; no others available commercially
D Kitty Wells TET 7.5" creamy apricot self above green throat
MLa 5" Near White Cream Self Evr Dip
$12 Lace Cookies E, 5”, Tet, Evr Cream Self
$ 10 Lacey ERe 6.5" Rose Edged Pink w/ Yellow Eye Ext Evr Dip (blooms all summer)
D Larry's Obsession TET 6" black purple with white tooth edge above green throat
Lavender Blue Baby TET
EMRe 5.5" Dip Dor Fra Lavender Blu with Lavender Blue Eye
$20 Lee Pickles TET 5.5" cream with pale rose gold bubbled edge above green throat
D Leslie Renee Ere 5" Tet Sev Fra Pink w/ Chartreuse Green Edge
$30 Lies and Lipstick EMRe 5.5" Pink w/ Red Eye and Red Gold Edge Sev Tet
$25 Life Saver
sherbet cream with peach blush and rose pink eye and edge above green, Semi, Tet
D Light of Faith
light yellow self with green throat, Dor, Tet
$10 Light Of Heaven NEW EMRe 6" Pale Cream Self Dor Tet
$10 Lilac Haze EE-RE 6" Purple Lavender w/ White Halo Evr Dip Fra
$10 Lime Frost Vla 5.75"-Green blend, Dor, Tet, Fra
$10 Lime with Wine EMRe, 4.25”, Dip, Sev pale greenish yellow dk purple eye
D Linda Beck M RE SEV 6" Burgundy purple with blue purple eye; has gold glitter edge
$10 Lion of Judah Pink w/bold white watermarks, yellow throat & ruffled edges (Non registered)
$8 Little Business EMRe, 3", Dip - deep red self - blooms often throughout summer - very similar in size to Stella D'Oro
$6 Little Cadet EMRe, 3”, Dor DIP creamy yellow red eye zone green throat
$6 Little Dandy New EM 2.5" Purple Self Sev Dip
$10 Little Red Wagon Seedling
$10 Loretta Lutman TET 5.5" cream pink edged magenta with rose purple eyezone above yellow throat
D Love on a Wire
purple self above green throat, Semi, Tet
$8 Love those Eyes
golden yellow with red eyezone and gold throat, Dor, Tet
$8 Love You M 6" Near White Self Dor Tet Fra
$6 Low Key M 6" Silvery Light Yellow Self Dor Tet Fra
$ 10 Magic Carpet Ride EMRe 6" Mandarin Red w/ Coral Orange Red Watermark Evr Tet Ext
Magical Marrakech
purple with chartreuse green edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Magnificent Magpie  
$10 Make Believe Magic MLa,Re, 4.25”, Tet, Sev cream pink melon blend lime throat
$12 Mal MRe, 7.25”, Tet, Evr, Fra cream white blend green throat
$15 Mama's Cherry Pie MRE, 6”, Tet, Sev cherry red with light yellow edges, deeper red eye
$25 Mardi Gras Ball M, 6”, Tet, Sev lavender with purple eye zone green throat
D Maria Callas
cardinal red self above yellow to green throat, Ever, Tet
$10 Mask of Time MLa 6" Orange Rose w/ Black Plum Eye Sev Tet
$6 Matt M, 5.5”, Tet, Dor yellow with bronze overlay green throat
$ 8 May May ERe 3.5" Near White Self Sev Dip Fra Noc (blooms all summer)
$40 Meet Joe Black EMRe, 5.5”, Tet, Sev peach with black purple eye zone & edge green throat
D Merry Moppet
yellow with red eye and edge above green throat, Semi, Tet
D Mesa Verde
coral pink with gold edge above deep green throat, Ever, Tet
$10 Midnight Raiders  
D Mildred Mitchell
26", EMRe 6.5" Tet Evr Fra Sngl Lavender w/Blue Eye and Edge
D Miss Dolly 7" Big yellow flower w/ruffled edges & a green throat (non-registered)
D Mississippi Memories M, 7.5”, Tet, Sev, Fra Orchid Mauve w/ Light Yellow Bicolor Dor Dip SpdV
$ 12 Mister Lucky M 5" Fiery Red Self Dor Tet
D Moment In The Sun TET 6.5" cream self above green throat
$ 8 Moneta Vallien EERe 6" Strong Reddish Orange Blend Sev Dip Noc
$ 10 Moonlit Masquerade EMRe 5.5" Cream w/ Dark Purple Eye Sev Tet
D Morning Color brilliant gold with red eye and edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
$15 Moses Fire MRe 6" Red Self and Gold Self Dor Tet Dbl
$7 Mother Superior ERe 6.5" Rose Seld Sev Tet Dbl
$20 Mr. Clifford 7" Big yellow flower w/a green throat & ruffled edges (non-registered)
$8 Navajo Princess DIP 4.5" pale pink with bold rose eyezone above dark green throat
$10 Neon Pink EMRe, 5”, Bright Pink Self Green Throat Dip, Evr – blooms and blooms every summer – very stunning
D Nicole Ashley Scott EERe, 5-1/4”, Tet, Ever cream with red eye and thick bubbly red edge grass green throat
D Ocean Child
pale purple with chaulky white watermark and gold edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Only Believe
cream pink with burgundy band and green throat, Semi, Tet
$ 8 Open Hearth M 9" Red and Copper Bitone and Ruby Halo Dor Dip Unf
$30 Open my Eyes E 5.25" Orange w/ Dark Purple Eye Evr Tet Fra
$ 10 Optical Illusion M 6" Hot Orange Polychrome and Lighter Orange Eye Dor Tet
$5 Painter's Splash
light peach veined gold with green throat, Dor
$10 Paper Butterfly ERe 6" Peach Violet Blend w/ Violet Eye Sev Tet
$8 Pardon Me Boys EMRe, 4,75”, Tet, Dor Pink w/ red eye zone and yellow to chartreuse throat
$12 Passion District MRe 5.75" Red w/ Lighter Watermark Evr Tet Ext
$20 Peach Magic DIP 6.25" smooth pastel peach self above green throat
$10 Peach Magnolia MLaRe 5.5" Peach Self Dor Dip Dbl; numerous blooms per double fan
$10 Peacock Maiden MRe 9.5" Purple w/ Creamy White Eye Evr Dip Fra Ext Unf
$10 Pearl Harbor MRe 5.75' Cream Yellow Blend w/ Gold Edge Evr Tet Ext
$10 Pink Ambrosia ERe 6.75" Pink Bitone Evr Tet Ext
$12 Pink Rocks MRe 6" Rose Pink w/ Pink Halo Dor Dip Fra Ext
$10 Pink Waikiki E 8" Bright Pink w/ Darker Pink Eye Evr Tet
$13 Pirate's Lady TET 5" medium purple with a black purple eyezone and green throat
$10 Pirate's Promise MRe, 5.5”, Tet, Sev lavender with purple eye zone green throat
$10 Plum Candy EM 4" Peach w/ Plum Purple Eye Evr Tet Fra Ext
$10 Plum Kiss Dark Pinkish Purple with Purple Halo and Yellow Eye (non-registered)
D Popcorn Pete TET 6" purple with lighter watermark and gold edge above green throat
D Pop's Pride EM 6.5" Pink and Peach w/ Rose eye (non registered)
$5 Prairie Blue Eyes M 5.25" Dip Sev Lavender w/ Near Blue Eye
$8 Praise the Lord ERe 7.25" Medium Rose Pink w/ Rose Halo Sev Dip
$8 Pumpkin Kid MRe 5.5" Orange w/ Red Eye Evr
$10 Pumpkin Moonshine TET 5" gold with red eye and yellow green throat
$10 Pumpkin Pie Spice EMRe 4.25" Buckskin w/ mauve Wine Eye Evr Tet
$20 Pure Indulgence TET 5.5" deep red with white edge above yellow green throat
D Purl Griffin EMRe 5.5 Mauve Pink w'Gold Edge Evr Tet Fra S
$15 Purple Buck Skin Peach with Dark Purple Ruffled Edges and Halo with Yellow Eye(non-regsitered); many 6" blooms
$8 Purple De Oro M RE DOR DIP Dark purple with light midrib & edge gold throat
$8 Purple Passage MLaRe, 5”, Tet, Sev royal purple yellow to green throat
$10 Purple People Eater Non-Registered Purple Self
$10 Quality of Mercy EM, 6”, Tet, Sev, Fra near white self green throat
D Quartz Rainbow  
$12 Rainbow Spangles EM RE EV 7" DIP lavender & chartreuse bicolor purple eye zone green throat
$10 Rambo
blue blood red with lime throat, Ever, Tet
$20 Raspberry Beret MRe, 6”, Tet, Evr- gold amber with cranberry eye and edge
$10 Raspberry Candy ERe 4.75" Cream w/ Raspberry Red Eye Dor Tet Fra Ext
$5 Red Buttons Seedling, red self green throat; non-registered
D Red Eye Gravy TET 5" cream with big bold red eye and thick edge above green throat
D Red Friday  
$ 10 Red Twister M 6.25" Red Bitone Dor Tet
$8 Red Volunteer M 7" Candle Red Self Dor Tet 
$10 X2Red Peachy Orange with Raspberry Halo and Yellow Eye (non-registered)
$6 Regal Finale DIP 6" violet purple self with green throat
$20 Remembering Joan M, 6”, Tet, Evr violet purple with pink rose eye zone green throat
$6 Renaissance Fair MRe 5.5" Plum Magenta w/ Purple Eye Evr Tet
$35 Restore My Soul M, 7”, Evr – several shades of purple self with eyezone of darker purple fading into white with a green throat and edge of pale gold
Rex's Basso Profundo
deep mulberry red with heavy ruffled gold edge, Ever, Tet
$10 Riptide EM 5" Lemon Self Evr Dip
D Rodeo Sweetheart EMRe, 4.75”, Tet, Sev peach with cranberry eye zone yellow green throat
$15 Roll Tide (Single Fan) M 5.5" Bright Red Self Dor Tet Fra
$10 Roselyn M Light REd Blend w/ Eye Dor Dip Ext Unf (Non registered)
$12 Rose Fireglow EMRe, 5.5”, Tet, Ev, Fra deep rose with gold edge green throat
D Roses and Gold EMRe, 6”, Tet Evr deep rose with gold edge green throat
$15 Roses In Snow EMRe, 5.25”, Tet, Sev blood red, emerald throat, ivory border
  Royal Hunter
rose red with paler watermark and eye above yellow green throat, Semi, Tet
$10 Royal Scandal EMRe 6" Light Pink w/ Large Cranberry Eye Evr Dip Noc Ext
$5 Ruby Stella Non-registered, red Stella De Oro-looking flower that reblooms often
$8 Ruffled Dude EMRe, 5”, Tet, Evr, Fra cream self chartreuse throat
$15 Russian Ragtime EMRe, 6.5”, Tet, Sev lavender with dark purple eye zone green throat
D Ruth Murdock  
$20 Sabine Baur EMRe 6" Cream w/ Purple Eye edge Sev Tet Noc
$8 Savannah Hannah EMRe 6" Spanish Orange w/ Rose Pink Eye Evr Tet Fra Noc Ext
$ 15 Savannah Show Off MRe 5.5" LIght Beige Pink w/ Rose Red Eye Sev Tet
$ 8 Scatterbrain MRe 6" Light Peach Pink Self Sev Dip Fra Dbl
$10 School Mascot TET 5.25" plum purple with chalky watermark above chartreuse throat
$10 Scottish Fantasy MRe, 5.5”, Tet, Sev rose pink blend reddish rose halo
$ 10 Seattle Slew M 6.25" Dark Red w/ Lighter Midribs Dor Dip
$10 Seminole Wind EMRe 6.5" TET Sev Fra Pink Self
$6 Serengeti EMRE 6" TET Evr Peach Sand and Ivory Blend
$ 5 Shady Lady M Pale Yellow w/ WIne Red Eye Dor Dip
$15 Shaka Zulu EMRe 6" Dark Grape Purple w/ White Edge and Pale Watermark Sev Tet Ext
D Shamrock Delight  
$20 Shanna Lots of huge blooms that are buttery-yellow; non-registered
$10 Sherry Lane Carr EMRe, 6.5”, Tet, Evr, Fra cream butter yellow self gold edge green throat
D Shores of Time TET 5.5" rose with gold edge above green throat
Siloam Double Classic
bright pink self with green throat, Ever, Tet
$ 8 Siloam Ethel Smith M 3.25"Pinkish Beige w/ Deep Rose Eye Dor Dip
$6 Sinai Gold w/ Dark Maroon Eye Dor Dip
$8 Sings the Blues MLaRe 6" Lavender w/ Violet Blue Eye Sev Dip Fra
D Singular Sensation
pink with gold edge above green throat, Semi, Tet
$ 10 Smoky Mountain Autumn ERe 5.75" Rose Blend w/ Rose Lavender Halo Dor Dip Fra
$ 10 Smuggler's Fire EM 5.5" Red w/ Purple Red Eye Dor Tet Ext
D Songwriter Seedling
$8 Southern Summer MRe 4.5" Orange Red w/ Deep Orange Red Eye Sev Tet Ext
$6 Southern Sunset MLa 5.5" Rose Shrimp Bitone w/ Yellow Edge Evr Dip
D Spacecoast Bull Gator EM RE SEV 6.75" TET Lavender w/ purple eye and gold edge
D Spacecoast Cranberry Kid EMRe, 6”, Tet, Sev Red creamanberry with ltr halo heavy edge
$15 Spacecoast Gator Eye EMRe 6" Lavender w/ Purple Eye Edge Sev Tet
$15 Spacecoast Rebel Yell EMRe, 6”, Tet, Sev red with gold edge green throat
D Spacecoast Royal Ransom ERe, 6”, Tet, Evr cranberry with ltr halo yellow edge
$15 Spacecoast Snow Angel EMRe, 6.25”, Tet, Evr near white self green throat
$10 Spacecoast Sonata TET 5.75" pink blend with green throat
$10 Spacecoast Starburst EMRe 6" Pink Lavender Blend w/ Gold Edge and Yellow Halo Evr Tet
$10 Spacecoast Tiny Perfection ERe, 2.875”, Tet, Sev flesh pink self gold edge green throat
$ 10 Spanish Masquerade EMRe 7" Cream Yellow w/ Russet Plum Eye Evr Dip Fra
D Special Ovation ERe, 5.5”, Tet, Evr Cream with rose red eye and edge above green throat
D Spectral Elegance
pastel polychrome with pink overlay above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Spiny Sea Urchin EMRe, 5.5”, Tet, Sev, Fra lavender with gold spiny edge green throat
$8 Splendid Touch EMRe 5.75" Pink w/ Rose Eye Evr Tet Fra Ext (numerous blooms)
D Startle TET 5" red bitone with cream halo and green throat
$5 Stella D' Oro EMRe 2.75" Gold Self Dor Dip Fra Ext (blooms all summer)
D Storm Of the Century
royal purple with gold edge above yellow green throat, Ever, Tet
$8 Strawberry Candy EMRe 4.25" Strawberry Pink Blend w/ Rose Red Eye Sev Tet Ext
$44 Strawberry Fields Forever EMRe 4.5" Pink w/ Strawberry Rose Eye Evr Tet Fra
$8 Street Urchin New MRe 5.5" Bright Red w/ Wide Almond Edges Evr Tet
$10 Strutter's Ball M 6" Black Purple w/ Silvery White Watermark and Silky Halo Dor Tet Ext
$5 Summer Sunset
red orange with purple eyezone, Semi, Dip
D Summertime Splendor
yellow self with green throat, Tet, Ever
D Super Babe Seedling
$10 Swashbuckler Bay Boy MRe 6" Salmon Coral w/ Black Eye and Edge Sev Tet
D Sweet Home Alabama EMRe 7" Peach w/ Rose Eye Evr Tet Fra Ext
$20 Sweet Mercy New MLaRe 6" Papaya Punch Self Sev Dip Dbl
$ 8 Sweet Sugar Candy LA 4" Clear Pink w/ Red Eye Dor Tet Ext
D Sweetie Pete MLa Pink Bitone
D Talledega  
$ 15 Tangerine Horses EM 4.5" Orange Tangerine Self Evr Tet Fra; tons of blooms
$8 Teller of Tales MLa 3.5" Rose Pink w/ Dusty Rose Eye Sev Dip
$8 Thanks a Bunch Ere, 5.5", Dip, light coral with light yellow halo
D That Thing You Do  
$10 Thunder and Lightning New EM 5.5" Deep Purple Blend and Purple Eye Evr Tet Fra
$10 Thunderation New MRe 5" Apricot Cream w/ Burgundy Eye Sev Tet Fra
$7 Timeless Fire EMRe 6.5" Red Self Evr Dip Fra Ext
$6 Top Show Off EM 4.75" Bright Yellow Self Sev Dip
$15 True Grit MLa 5" Cream Pink w/ Wine Eye Dor Tet Ext
$8 True Heart EM 3" Near White w/ Rose Red Halo Dor Dip Fra Noc Ext
D Victorian Lace
porcelain pink with gold braided edge above green throat, Ever, Tet
D Volcano Queen TET 5.75" orange with red eye above yellow green throat
$14 Watermelon Wine EMRe 6" Burgundy w/ Gold Edge Evr Tet 
$ 10 Way Over Yonder E EV 4.5" TET Cream yellow with purple eye zone yellow to green throat
$5 Webster Lupton Ere 6" Light Lavender Pink w/ Purple Edge and Burgundy Purple Eye Dor Tet Fra
D Wedding Band M 5.5" Cream White w/ Yellow Edge Sev Tet Fra
$10 Westminster Lace MRe 5.5" Dark Black Purple w/ Faint Dusted Purple Eye Dor Dip Fra
$7 Which Way Jim
dark black purple w/faint dusted purple eyezone above triangle lemon to green throat, Dor
$10 White House Lady MRe 9" Near White Self Dor Dip Ext
$15 White Perfection ML RE SEV 5.5" Near white self green throat
D White Unto Harvest TET cream white blend yellow edge
$15 Wild Horses ERe 7" Cream Yellow w/ Black Purple Halo Evr Tet 
$50 Wild Irish EM EV RE Fr 5.5" TET burgundy red with gold edge yellow green throat
D Wild Wookie TET 9" red self above yellow throat
$8 Wildest Dreams ERe 10" Yellow to Green w/ Rose Red Eye Evr Dip Ext Spd
$ 10 Will Return M 4.75" Peach Pink w/ Purple Halo Evr Dip Ext
$8 Winds Of Tide MLaRe 4.625" Peach Pink w/ Dark Rose Veins and Dark Lavender Blue Eye Sev Dip Fra Noc Ext
Wonders Never Cease
cream with yellow halo and edge above green throat, Tet, Ever
D Wren's Song
rose pink bitone with gold edge above green throat, Dor, Tet
D Wyatt Earp M EV RE Frag 5" Red with ruby eye zone green throat
$8 Zambia M 6.25" Black Red Blend Dor Tet Fra Ext
Zephyr's Song
pink chartreuse with lettuce green edge above green throat, Ever, Tet

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