Hunter's Torch Day Lily Garden


To build a daylily bed you need three 2X10. Cut one of the 2X10s in half so that you have two that are 10' long and two that are 5'. The 5' pieces will serve as the ends for the bed.

You should now have a box that is approximately 10' long and 5' wide. Place this box in the place that you want to create your daylily bed. Next, put a thick layer of newspaper in the bottom of the box. Then add 5 bags of Cypress Mulch on top of the newspaper. Next add five bags of Black Kow manure on top of the Cypress Mulch, and then add 10 bags of compost and manure as the top layer of the bed. You can add more ingredients as desired or as necessary to get the bed full of dirt. We like to add soil conditioner too as it makes the bed more porous.


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