Hunter's Torch Day Lily Garden

Specialty Gardens
Miniature Garden
Pink self
Light peach self
Chorus Line Pink w/ Rose Band & Yellow Halo
Cosmic Hummingbird Honey Peach w/ Ruby Red
Dragon's Orb Ivory White w/ Black Eye
Enchanted Butterfly Pink w/ Plum Eye
Orange/Red Blend
Flower Fiesta Rose Red w/ Deeper Eye
Jason Salter Yellow w/ Washed Lavender Eye
Lemon Lollipop Lemon self
Purple self
Black self
Buff yellow w/blushing rose eye
Cream w/red eye
May May White Self
Nacogdoches Pansy Yellow w/ Dark Purple Eye
PoJo Yellow Self
Near white w/lighter halo
Renegade Ranger Cream w/ Black Purple Eye
Orchid w/red eye
Siloam Ethel Smith Pinkish Beige w/ Deep Rose Eye
Siloam Flower Girl Rose w/ Rose Red Eye
Siloam June Bug Gold w/ Dark Maroon Eye
Siloam's June Bug Yellow self
Gold self
Sweet Pepper Chrome Yellow w/ Rusty Red Eye
Teller of Tales Rose Pink w/ Dusty Rose Eye
Tigerling Light Orange w/ Bright Red Eye
True Heart White w/ Rose Red Halo
Ivory w/black purple eye
Witches Wink Yellow w/ Plum Eye



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