Hunter's Torch Day Lily Garden

Specialty Gardens
Fragrant Daylilies
Absolute Treasure Orchid Rose Self
Dark rose
Near white self
Amber self
Antique Carousel
Lemon yellow blend
Apple Crisp Copper Red Bitone
Light peach self
Cream yellow self
Yellow self
Big Kiss Peach w/ Rose Eye
Dusted light orange w/dark rose edge and raised peach midribs
Big Sister Canary Self
Bright orange w/bold red eye
Bubbling Edge Pink w/ Wine Eye
Vivid orange yellow w/deep purple eye
Chance Encounter Rose w/ Gold Edge
Charming Charlie Rose Blend and Deeper Rose Eye
Cream peach w/cherry red eye
Chorus Line Pink w/ Rose Band & Yellow Halo
Clothed in Glory Lavender Mauve w/ Lavender Eye
Dusted strong pink veined and shaded rose
David Permenter
Lavender pink Self
Decatur Purple Purple w/ Darker Eye
Mauve pink w/purple eye
Donna's Prayer Lavender Blend w/ Cream Eye
Pink w/red eye
Endearing Pink and White Bicolor
Cream w/purple eye
Fiery Messenger Red w/ Deeper Halo
Flamboyant Eyes Flesh Pink w/ Raspberry Red Eye
Lavender w/light lavender halo
Green Eyed Giant Light Yellow w/ Chocolate Brown Halo
Cream yellow blend
Near white self
Purple w/black eye
Light pink self
Rose pink w/darker eye
Deep pink self
Pale pink self
Lady Neva Soft Buff Yellow w/ Rose Eye
Lambada Orange w/ Burgundy Edge Eye
Purple lavender w/white halo
Green and white blend
Near white self
Silvery light yellow self
Ludi Ivory Cream Self
Near white self
Blue lavender w/white brushed lavender bicolor
Cream pink self
Cream self
Paige Duggan Pale Yellow Self
Cream w/purple eye
Purple w/creamy white eye
Clear pink w/ red eye
Rose pink w/pink halo
Plum Candy
Peach w/plum purple eye
Green blend
Near white w/lighter halo
Black purple bitone
Cream w/purple lavender grey eye
Blue blood red
Cream w/raspberry red eye
Red Challenger Red Self
Violet purple self
Bright red self
Rose w/cerise eye
Yellow w/mauve rose edge and eye
Sambo Wilder Lavender w/ Purple Eye
Orange/red fine ruffled w/gold edge light orange watermark & green throat
Savannah Hannah Orange w/ Rose Pink Eye
Yellow self
Light peach pink self
Apple red self
Seductress Beige Lavender Bitone w/ Purple Halo
Yellow self
Pink self
Rose w/rose red eye
Lavender w/violet blue eye
Rose blend w/rose lavender halo
Cream yellow w/russet plum eye
Pink w/rose eye
Strawberry Fields Forever Pink w/ Strawberry Rose Eye
Deep purple self
Yellow self
Sweet Home Alabama Peach w/ Rose Eye
Sweetie Pete Pink Bitone
Orange tangerine self
Thunder and Lightning Deep Purple Blend and Purple Eye
Apricot cream w/burgundy eye
Light orange w/bright red eye
Red self
Near white w/rose red halo
Volcanic Explosion Gold w/ Bold Red Eye
Winds Of Tide Peach Pink w/ Dark Rose
Light lavender pink w/purple edge and burgundy purple eye
Cream white w/yellow edge
Dark black purple w/faint dusted purple eye
Cream pink w/red eye
Orchid w/purple eye
Clear deep pink self

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