Hunter's Torch Day Lily Garden

Specialty Gardens
Football Garden

Alabama Jubilee (Alabama) Red Orange w/ Bright Red Halo
Alabama Music Dark rose
Bama Bound (Alabama)
Bright red self
Dusted light orange w/dark rose edge and raised peach midribs
Bold Tiger (Auburn)
Bright orange w/bold red eye
Coach's Home Run (Coach's) Yellow w/ Red Purple Eye and white Midribs
Coach's Pride (Coach's) Cream Yellow w/ Black Eye Sev
Dragon's Eye (UAB) Pink w/ Rose Red Eye
Dragon's Orb (UAB) White w/ Black Eye
Dragon Slayer (UAB) Cream with Cranberry Halo W/ Yellow Eye
Fire Breathing Dragon Red Orange Blend
Green self
Green Eyed Giant (UAB) Light Yellow w/ Chocolate Brown Halo
Roll Tide (Alabama)
Bright red self
Seminole Blood (Florida State)
Richest darkest red self
Seminole Wind (Florida State)
Pink self
Sweet Home Alabama Peach w/ Rose Eye
Space Coast Gator Eye (University of Florida)
Lavender w/purple eye
Tigerling (Auburn)
Light orange w/bright red eye
War Eagle (Auburn)
Dark red self


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