Hunter's Torch Daylily Garden

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Welcome, and thank you for being a part of Hunter's Torch Daylily Garden.

Hunter PhillipsHunter's Torch Daylily Garden was named for our special son Hunter and the flower that bears his name.

Although Hunter can't speak, can't run and can't play like other children and has many limitations, he is the fire in our family that has enabled all of us to become all we have ever wanted to be. If you see Hunter on our porch or getting on at his school bus, please speak to him. He really enjoys greeting his friends.

The garden has many purposes:

  • we enjoy the beauty of the flowers,
  • we like the exercise the garden provides, and
  • we like to meet new friends who drop by to look at the flowers.

The garden was built to help Hunter learn how to mix soil and plant so when he finishes his horticulture program at Dabbs Vocational School he'll have work he can do at home to feel good about himself.

Each year we will have new flowers from which you can choose besides the old favorites.

Interesting daylily facts:

The Latin name for the daylily is Hemerocallis, which means "beauty of the day" -- appropriate, since the individual flower fades at the end of the day. A single plant, though, may produce a hundred flowers. And the daylily isn't just pretty to look at, either. Its flower buds and blossoms can be eaten, and the young foliage can be simmered or stir-fried. In China, the buds, strung and dried, are known as "golden needles". In the Orient, daylilies are used medicinally, usually as an antibacterial agent to treat urinary disorders, vaginal yeast infections, and even cancers.